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HANANAA Creative

HANANAA Creative is a one-woman creative marketing agency by me, Hanna, a 30+ year young creative who's kind of crazy about marketing. My agency offers a wide array of creative marketing services like web design, content creation, translations, copywriting, e-mail marketing, and more. The company was founded in 2018, and we're based in Stockholm, Sweden but work with clients all over the world. HANANAA Creative is here to be of creative service!

"Creativity is intelligence having fun"

Albert Einstein

Meet the founder and CEO

Hanna, the founder, and CEO of HANANAA Creative is a creative at heart. Creativity is her drug. She's a writer - a natural and excited one at that. A blogger for more than 12 years. Good with languages and fluent in three: Swedish (first and native language), English, and Finnish. Passionate about photography. A perfectionist with a natural eye for "what looks good", and won't stop until she is satisfied with the result. Very, very visual. A people person and a good analyst. The one who always looks at the big picture and loves finding creative solutions. Find her links to her popular social media accounts below to learn more!

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"As a little girl, I was always very curious, always asking questions. "Why" was my favorite word. Thanks to my never-satisfied curiosity I've learned a lot through the years. I've learned to read people, to see patterns, to analyze, always looking out for the big picture. How is it all connected? And I think that this is what makes me such a great creative marketer. Or as I like to say; creative marketing ninja. Welcome to my very own, one-woman marketing agency, HANANAA Creative!"

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