Would it scare you if I told you that I can help you with a lot? Because I can. Hiring me to help you out with your marketing is like having your own outsourced marketing agency.

Web design

Setting up a new website can be a bit tricky, and it's rare to have the knowledge and resources yourself. Let me help you set up, design and update your website or blog! Experienced in Wordpress, Wix, Shopify, and Squarespace, as well as customized platforms. I also have HTML knowledge. With my background in education (I studied Education at Åbo Akademi University), I have the educational skills needed to teach you how to use and edit your own website.

Texts & translations

A good, experienced and most of all: an excited writer, I'll help you with any kind of copy-writing. Texts for your e-commerce, SEO, sales texts, newsletters, UX-texts, articles, blog posts, social media - anything really. I'm also a skilled translator and do translations from English to Swedish, Finnish to English or Swedish, and Swedish to English.

Social media

I can help you build a brand and be seen on social media by improving, managing, or even just setting up your social media accounts. Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Twitter - you name it! Having been on social media myself since 2008, and accomplished building up impressive followings on my blog, Instagram and Pinterest, I can assure you that I've got quite the experience with content creation for social media. And I can't wait to help you too!

E-mail marketing

I've got many, many years of experience with e-mail marketing. Especially my years at Finlands's maybe most successful beauty e-commerce taught me a lot about sending out and optimizing successful newsletters. I'm experienced in both Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor, as well as B2C and B2B e-mail marketing. I can help you create, design, send out and follow up on your e-mail marketing.

Digital ads

Increase your website traffic, sales and overall visibility on the web and social media with paid advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. I'll help you do it well! I can help you with everything for designing the ads to following up with the numbers. Let's beat those algorithms!


I was just a few years old when I picked up my first camera and that interest in photography has just continued to grow and grow. Photography is one of my biggest passions, and thanks to my many years creating content on my social media channels - I've got a lot of experience with photography and editing. I'm up to help you out with any kind of lifestyle photography, and I've especially got experience from the beauty industry and restaurant/food photography, as well as travel photography on my own channels, of course.

Let's get talking!

When your down to business, send me a message using the contact form or email me directly at, and I'll get back to you asap :)

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